Banafsheh Hemmati

The Iranian designer-artist Banafsheh Hemmati has designed jewelry, furniture, landscape, light, and accessories for more than 20 years. She began designing jewelry to go with the clothes she designed for herself.  “I could find no jewelry to suit them,” says Hemmati. “Ultimately, I designed the jewelry that suited them best.” Born in Tehran in 1974, …

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Cold Sweat Suor Frio: 1st Lisbon Contemporary Jewellery Biennial

Food for the Soul: Thoughts on Jewelry in Pandemic Times

Cristina Filipe, ed. Cold Sweat Suor Frio: 1st Lisbon Contemporary Jewellery Biennial. Lisbon: PIN – Associação Portuguesa de Joalharia Contemporânea/Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa – Museu de São Roque/Câmara Municipal Lisboa, MUDE – Museu do Design e da Moda, Coleção Francisco Capelo/Universidade Católica Portuguesa, School of Arts, CITAR- Research Centre for Science and Technology …

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Jewelry as Excess

Benjamin Woods, Necklace no. 2, 2015, mixed media, as part of Form and Flex, curated by Meredith Turnbull, Pieces of Eight, photo courtesy of the artist The field of jewelry runs across a network, an array of type and variation as inclusive of the conceptual and dematerialized as it is of overt wearable material displays …

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Liv Blåvarp

Norwegian jewelry artist Liv Blåvarp’s career started three decades ago with the challenge of increasing functionality in her work, resulting in the dynamic wooden forms for which she has achieved international renown. In this interview, Blåvarp details her investigation of form and function, and the process and inspirations behind her sinuous, sculptural necklaces. Liv Blåvarp, …

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In Conversation with Nicolas Estrada

Exhibition view, Conceptual Jewellery, 2011, Mākslas galerija Putti, Rīga, Latvia, photo: Līga Ērkšķe Leaving Colombia to train for a highly successful career in international business before enrolling at the Massana school in Barcelona, Nicolas Estrada brought new life and light to the world of art jewelry through his entrepreneurial endurance, his alliance with the world …

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Merchants in the Temple

Exhibition view, Bianca Lopez and the Jewelry Art and Design of Manhattan, 2015, Oratorio di San Rocco, Padua, photo: Alessandra Zabbeo Bianca Lopez and the Jewelry Art and Design of Manhattan March 26–April 26, 2015 Oratorio di San Rocco, Padua, Italy Who says that tradition and novelty can’t stay together? This exhibit could somehow be …

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Body Jewels

Exhibition view, Body Jewels, 2015, TextielMuseum, Tilburg, The Netherlands, photo: Michel Zoeter Body Jewels March 29, 2014–March 15, 2015 TextielMuseum, Tilburg, The Netherlands Body Jewels The most direct “body” adornments must be tattoos and piercings. However, one layer up and away from the skin and you are looking at textiles that envelop us from birth …

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