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Best known in international jewelry and metalsmithing circles, Iris Eichenberg has made an enormous contribution as an artist and educator. Addressing significant current issues such as identity, gender politics, and Heimat—a German word denoting the personal happiness and fulfillment found upon reaching a safe haven—the show Iris Eichenberg: Where Words Fail is particularly timely. Eichenberg […]


American Jewelry: The Susan Grant Lewin Collection at the Yale University Art Gallery

An exhibition brochure. As a collector and wearer, Susan Grant Lewin selects pieces for her collection that resonate with her intellect, aesthetic, and keen sense of identity. In this regard, jewelry takes on a performative role, acting as both an intimate treasured possession and a public expression of the wearer’s— and the maker’s—thoughts and feelings.

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Lynn Batchelder | Remains

“Through this work, I research some of the earliest recorded forms of human mark making such as cross-hatching, carving, and engraving, and use these as visual and poetic references in new abstract works. Through painstaking marking, cutting, and collecting, I draw attention to the basic human impulse to record information through permanent acts, and its

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Trace Collectors

Everything around us has been touched, used, cracked, broken—evidence that reveals an object’s existence ​and experience. Min Jae Eom creates simple surfaces and forms that, when carried on the body, slowly gather traces of the wearer. The marks that are collected through these time-based works are not simply scratches, dents, and stains; rather, they become a witness, a

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In This Era of Big Data: Those Things We Do Not Notice

Dependent upon the internet for all aspects of daily life, we are unconsciously being controlled by data mining and have become desensitized to the security concerns of mass data collection. Through micro-installations and wearable works, Kehan Wan creates tactile data bits and visualizations that draw attention to these complex issues. Delicate rows of tiny human

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Jamie Scherzer explores balance between the contained systematic nature of form and its transition into more unprincipled, chaotic outcomes. Scherzer allows the material to direct an understanding of concrete entities. The final result of these inquiries may range from jewelry, to object, to print. By inking and printing these experimental metal surfaces, Scherzer creates tactile works


Jumble Gym: Playful Randomness in Contemporary Jewelry

Stefan Gougherty creates jewelry that is curious and interactive. Sampling content from trash to treasure, these playful objects are unpretentious and subversive. Exploring the surreal through engineering and illusion, these antics of adornment can confound our expectations. In celebration of our collective progress, Gougherty leverages industrial materials and manufacturing processes to anchor the work firmly

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Jewelry-Making Materials: Knowing What To Know

Materials establish the character and personality of jewelry. They contribute to understanding whether the piece is finished and successful. However, there are no perfect materials for every project. Selecting materials is about making smart, strategic choices. This means relating your materials choices to your design and marketing goals. It also frequently means having to make

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