Baroque Pleasures

Tanel Veenre, Handful. Stuttgart: Arnoldsche Art Publishers, 2015. ISBN: 978-3-89790-436-1 Book cover: Handful, Stuttgart: Arnoldsche Art Publishers, 2015, photo: Benjamin Lignel. It must be brave for an artist to author a book about their work. Writing seems ancillary to the core occupation of producing work. The act might appear self-congratulatory, unfair on the reader who cannot access, touch, much

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Happy New Year!

A large part of the extended AJF team (Rebekah Frank and Ben Lignel) and board (Susan Cummins, Liesbeth den Besten, Bella Neyman, and Tanel Veerne) has just dispersed back home from Munich Jewelry Week 2015. This year’s crop of exhibitions did not disappoint, and delivered to the crowd of aficionados the usual mix of sensory

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