Manon van Kouswijk, Melbourne, Australia

Work Space nº15

By United States

This is part of my studio in Fitzroy, an inner-city suburb of Melbourne. It has natural light and looks out on a large ghost gum tree that changes color when the weather changes. The studio is also the front space of my house and, to be fair, my working space extends very often to the kitchen table and living space where I have my computer and library (and coffee) and where a lot of the work is happening as well.

I don’t think my studio reflects my entire working process; searching and finding (collecting, documenting) drives much of what I do and this takes place wherever I am, at home or moving about. My work tends to shift between different media and working methods, so there are times that I am working in my studio more intensively. More recently I have been processing material and images for a new book that will be published later this year, so I haven’t used the studio that much (editor’s note: Findings, Manon van Kouswijk’s latest publication, was launched at Gallery Funaki in August 2015). I think these shifts of place, and the movement between different ways of working, are what sustains my practice.

Manon van Kouswijk's studio, photo: artist
Manon van Kouswijk’s studio, photo: artist


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