Discipline: Art Jewellery

Lynn Batchelder | Remains

“Through this work, I research some of the earliest recorded forms of human mark making such as cross-hatching, carving, and engraving, and use these as visual and poetic references in new abstract works. Through painstaking marking, cutting, and collecting, I draw attention to the basic human impulse to record information through permanent acts, and its …

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Werke und Tage/Works and Days

Werke und Tage/Works and Days, at the Staatliche Antikensammlungen, contrasts contemporary Danish jewelry from the Danish Arts Foundation’s collection with ancient works of art from the Munich collections, linking together past and present and attesting to how the universal practice of adorning oneself has characterized humankind through every era. The Jewellery Collection of the Danish …

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Collectiva Meeting Catalog – International Exhibition 2018

The Collectiva Meeting | International Exhibition 2018 event took place in Porto, Portugal, and brought together national and international authors in exposition with the objective of promoting new talents and innovative work in the field of contemporary jewelry. This catalog shows some of the jewelry pieces presented, along with a brief explanation of the concepts …

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