August 2015

Do You Read Me, HAL?

Jana Brevick, Atomic Exfiltrator: Ship Seven, 2015, mixed media sculptural installation, dimensions variable, courtesy of Bellevue Arts Museum, photo: Melissa Jimison Jana Brevick: This Infinity Fits in My Hand April 17–August 16, 2015 Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue, Washington, USA PuzzleGuts (1999) sits high atop a white pedestal, jointed silver limbs splayed comically akimbo. Cartoonish and

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Matter of Material

Madeline Courtney, artist and curator, recently brought together nine artists who explore, dissect, and transform disparate materials for the exhibition Matter of Material. Madeline talks about how meaning—ranging from ethics to functionality—is created through material. This interview also includes some material-specific questions answered by a few of the exhibiting artists. Olivia Shih: Please tell us

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Galerie Spektrum

Galerie Spektrum has been representing contemporary art jewelry since 1981. In this interview, gallery owner Jürgen Eickhoff provides us with some insight about his selection process and take on the field. Missy Graff: Can you provide us with a little history about the origins of Galerie Spektrum? Why did you decide to represent jewelers? Jürgen

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