United States

Katie Jayne Britchford, Fitzroy North, Melbourne, Australia

Work Space nº13


This is my studio/shed, in my back yard in Fitzroy North, Melbourne, Australia.

It is a very small space, but really all I need. I have just managed to fit in all my equipment with enough room to move around the space freely, just!! Hehe … I am a jeweler/stone cutter so I use my trim saw and my diamond grinders to cut and shape rocks of all varieties. It’s noisy business but some good music in my ears fixes that … sorry, neighbors!

My handyman father built me all my benches, even my jewelry bench, which he made for me back in 2006, when I started studying jewelry making. I hold all my tools and equipment very close to me … they are what enable me to facilitate my art; without them I would feel lost. Oh, and of course I couldn’t work without my right-hand furry friend, Gracie, always looking for a warm spot and stealing my seat.

Katie Jayne Britchford's studio, photo: artist
Katie Jayne Britchford’s studio, photo: artist


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