Theory of Craft

Beyond Unwearable

“Is there a place for installation-based works in the field of contemporary jewelry?” Is there? In 20 very brief minutes, Portland, Oregon-based artist and AJF contributor Courtney Kemp delivers a densely researched exposé in front of a humming audience. She picks at the scab of “jewelers that make no jewelry, but on a large scale” […]

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Capture and Disarm

Attendees fill the Washington State History Museum auditorium, photo: Lindsey Snell The SMG aims to assemble an annual event with diverse programming to support the metals community across the Northwest. The Protective Ornament curator and current Metalsmith editor, Suzanne Ramljak, was the welcome keynote to this year’s lecture series. Ramljak’s opening presentation, All Is Fair

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Jewellery Conversations

In 2011, Fran Allison, with the aid of research funding from Manukau Institute of Technology, began conducting a series of videoed conversations with players from the contemporary jewelry scene. Makers, writers, and gallery owners in Europe, the UK, and New Zealand share with her their views on their own and current jewelry practices, with the

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In Critical Condition

AJF and Klimt02 Partnership —Benjamin Lignel It is fitting that the words “critic” and “crisis” share the same root: the Greek krinein, meaning to separate, decide, judge. Indeed, this is a decisive moment for critical writing, which is currently in crisis mode. While the amount of commentary on art, and on contemporary jewelry, has increased

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SNAG 2014 Lectures

These podcasts are provided to you through the joint efforts of SNAG and AJF. There are eight lectures in all, recorded during the 2014 SNAG Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. At this time, you can listen to Tanya Herrod give the keynote address, followed by Sofia Björkman of Platina Galerie, art historian Jenni Sorkin, and

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