Signs of Life

Lin Cheung, Tomfoolery: Objects & Jewellery. London: Tomfoolery Publishing UK, 2014. ISBN: 978-0-9572988-0-4    For those not well versed in the artful linguistic gymnastics of London’s East End, tomfoolery is Cockney rhyming slang for jewellery. It is also defined in the dictionary as foolish behavior, utter nonsense, rubbish, and it is in the space between these …

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Gerd Rothmann: Catalog Raisonné 1967-2008

It’s not often you see an art book whose text is more interesting than the photographs. But such is the case with this retrospective catalog of the work of Gerd Rothmann. The hefty 404-page book shows the artist’s entire oeuvre (or at least everything he documented) from 1967 to 2008. The 589 photographs give a good idea of Rothmann’s changing styles and there are occasional full-page illustrations of some of his most distinctive pieces. But the text is a must-read for every collector, whether or not they know or care about the work itself.

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