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NOEL pamphlet GABRIELLE 2021 V3

Looking through the decor

This is the exhibition brochure for Quebec artist Gabrielle Desmarais’s first solo exhibition, Les Espaces-Satellites, held at Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h from June 10–July 10, 2021. For the occasion, the gallery will be transformed into an immersive landscape in which over 40 works will be displayed, all of which were created as maquettes of familiar or

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The Core and the Shell

At present the jewelry maker is not just a person cloistered in the workshop concentrating on the process and production of jewelry-making for a client. Today a jeweler develops the necessary skills to promote and manage him/herself in the international context. Strengthening these two core principles of the practice will provide those just entering the

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This is the catalog for Elegy, which was scheduled for March 10–April 9, 2020 and invited 12 Australian women artists to present jewelry and objects that facilitate mourning for a world in peril. The project asked us to recognize the profound mental and emotional impacts of climate change on individuals and society, and to acknowledge

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Jewelry-Making Materials: Knowing What To Know

Materials establish the character and personality of jewelry. They contribute to understanding whether the piece is finished and successful. However, there are no perfect materials for every project. Selecting materials is about making smart, strategic choices. This means relating your materials choices to your design and marketing goals. It also frequently means having to make

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The jewel 3.0: From Function to the User Experience

“Il gioiello 3.0: dalla funzione all’User Experience” (The jewel 3.0: From Function to the User Experience) is a PhD thesis by Roberto Zanon. It focuses on the functional jewel with special attention to interaction design referencing wearable technologies, the development and application of industrial technologies, the cycle from discovery to market, interdisciplinary research, and innovation.

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Martina Dempf: Wood Cocoons Hybrids. Jewelry 2006–2018

A catalog showing examples of works by Martina Dempf from 2006 until today. Under the heading “Touching Wood—And Other Materials in Martina Dempf’s Jewelry,” Barbara M. Henke writes, “With the transformation into an object meant for the human body, the artist removes the transience from the natural material, drawing the viewer’s attention to the beauty

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