Crafting the Future

Crafting the Future (CTF) is an organization that sharpens the power that community fosters through relationships, shared inner and outward growth, communication, and communing. Exploring a future in action and practice, CTF morphs into the needs required by a given moment and individual. Its versatility is one of the awe-inspiring qualities of Crafting the Future,

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In Your Hands

At the Escuela de Arte de Sevilla, in Spain, metalworking students usually spend early spring working with local workshops to make religious jewels and decorations in preparation for the Holy Week, or Semana Santa. This year was different, as it was for so many around the world. As a result of COVID-19, there were no

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Dirk Allgaier

Learn more about Stuttgart’s Arnoldsche Art Publishers, one of the preeminent publishers in the field of jewelry, which specializes in spectacular books on the applied arts. The company’s managing director, Dirk Allgaier, describes how the firm came to exist, its criteria for deciding what book proposals to accept, and the steps that go into taking

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Sarah Rachel Brown

Launched in 2017 and currently in its second season, Perceived Value is a biweekly podcast produced by contemporary jeweler Sarah Rachel Brown. Brown investigates the economics of surviving as a creative by asking honest questions about how creative people—predominantly craft artists—make their livings and support themselves. The thought of getting “on air” and sharing the

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