AJF in Conversation

When AJF attended the annual Schmuck exhibition in March, we presented AJF in Conversation—The Next Generation of Gallerists, with moderator Bella Neyman and panelists Atty Tantivit, of Atta Gallery, Thailand; Karin Roy Andersson, from Four, Sweden; Irene Belfi, Irene Belfi, Milan, Italy; Elena and Chiaralice Rizzi, OhMyBlue, Venice, Italy; and Jenna Shaifer, Ombre Gallery, United

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Penny Morrill on Mexican Silver Designers

November 16, 2017 These days, young silver artists in Mexico are not producing endless interpretations (and copies) of the great designs from the 40s and 50s. They have given themselves the ultimate challenge—to develop exciting new ideas while maintaining the silver techniques that were the great innovations of the maestros—innovations that should not disappear. The

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Rebekah Frank: Art Jewelry Forum

In this talk, given at AJF’s 2018 Collectors Symposium on January 14, 2018, then-executive director Rebekah Frank describes Art Jewelry Forum—what the organization does, why, and how things get accomplished. Among other things, she discusses AJF’s awards and grants programs, its publishing mission, and the events and lectures it hosts—and explains the importance of having these things

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Susan Cummins and Susan Beech, with David Cole

This talk, held during AJF’s 2018 Collectors Symposium, finds Susan Cummins and Susan Beech, who were part of the group of collectors who founded Art Jewelry Forum (AJF) in 1997, in conversation about their jewelry collections, their approach to curating them, their interest in meeting jewelry artists, and more. The conversation is moderated by David Cole, a

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