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Susan Cummins and Susan Beech, with David Cole

AJF's 2018 Collectors Symposium


This talk, held during AJF’s 2018 Collectors Symposium, finds Susan Cummins and Susan Beech, who were part of the group of collectors who founded Art Jewelry Forum (AJF) in 1997, in conversation about their jewelry collections, their approach to curating them, their interest in meeting jewelry artists, and more. The conversation is moderated by David Cole, a professor at California College of the Arts (CCA).

The 2018 Collectors Symposium was held in San Francisco, CA, USA on January 14, 2018 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of AJF. Other lectures from this series are Jewelry and Metal Arts Program at CCA with Jack da Silva, Three Thoughts on Art and Status with Sarah Thornton, and Art Jewelry Forum with Rebekah Frank. You can read A Brief History of Art Jewelry Forum to learn more about the organization’s first 20 years.


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