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Rebekah Frank: Art Jewelry Forum

AJF's 2018 Collectors Symposium

By United States

In this talk, given at AJF’s 2018 Collectors Symposium on January 14, 2018, then-executive director Rebekah Frank describes Art Jewelry Forum—what the organization does, why, and how things get accomplished. Among other things, she discusses AJF’s awards and grants programs, its publishing mission, and the events and lectures it hosts—and explains the importance of having these things and more in place.

The 2018 Collectors Symposium was held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Art Jewelry Forum. Other lectures in this series are Jewelry and Metal Arts Program at CCA with Jack da SilvaThree Thoughts on Art and Status with Sarah Thornton, and In Conversation with Susan Cummins and Susan Beech moderated by David Cole. You can read A Brief History of Art Jewelry Forum to learn more about the organization’s first 20 years.


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