Critiquing in Craft

This panel discussion, which took place at the Chipstone Foundation Fox Point museum grounds on May 26, 2016, during Zoom Milwaukee, explores issues surrounding contemporary criticism in craft. Panelists include Anya Kivarkis, associate professor of jewelry and metalsmithing at the University of Oregon in Eugene; Jeffrey Clancy, assistant professor in the department of art at […]

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Beyond Unwearable

“Is there a place for installation-based works in the field of contemporary jewelry?” Is there? In 20 very brief minutes, Portland, Oregon-based artist and AJF contributor Courtney Kemp delivers a densely researched exposé in front of a humming audience. She picks at the scab of “jewelers that make no jewelry, but on a large scale”

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HD: Lost in Translation

This is the way Zimmerhof works: A core group of five people (the hosts) invites a team of willing organizers—which tends to self-select every year—to put together the program for the next edition. The organizers pick the theme, think up a groovy line-up of speakers, get worried that they won’t show up, are reassured three

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On Collecting

Why and how do people and institutions collect contemporary objects, whether design, art, ceramics, textiles, wood, or jewelry? The answers to these questions are of course manifold, but one thing is for sure: There is big difference between private and public collecting in the US and Europe, and the art and design fairs are playing

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The Widespread Liberation of Jewelry

In October 2015, acclaimed Norwegian craft theorist and historian Jorunn Veiteberg delivered a 40-minute lecture at the Danish Design Museum, in Copenhagen. Her lecture used Susan Cohn’s Unexpected Pleasures exhibition (Design Museum London, 2012–2013) as a point of departure to recontextualize the New Jewelry movement in contemporary terms and signal how current practice has “liberated”

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Well, I Like You … But I’m Not Sure I Want to Take You Home with Me

The audience at The Meet, 2016, a symposium organized by Art Jewelry Forum in partnership with Current Obsession and Norwegian Crafts; Villa Stück, Munich, photo: Benjamin Lignel Why do collectors pick an artist over another? Or choose this piece by an artist, when that other piece is clearly more spectacular? How do curators select works

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Jewellery Conversations

In 2011, Fran Allison, with the aid of research funding from Manukau Institute of Technology, began conducting a series of videoed conversations with players from the contemporary jewelry scene. Makers, writers, and gallery owners in Europe, the UK, and New Zealand share with her their views on their own and current jewelry practices, with the

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SNAG 2014 Lectures

These podcasts are provided to you through the joint efforts of SNAG and AJF. There are eight lectures in all, recorded during the 2014 SNAG Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. At this time, you can listen to Tanya Herrod give the keynote address, followed by Sofia Björkman of Platina Galerie, art historian Jenni Sorkin, and

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Shift Exhibition and Zoom Symposium

Since 2005, AJF has been funding catalogs and exhibitions as part of its aim to advocate for contemporary art jewelry through education, appreciation, and support for the field. AJF believes that exhibitions and catalogs are an essential part of the contemporary art jewelry infrastructure, by documenting history, fostering curatorial skills, providing opportunities for writing about contemporary art

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