Exhibition Review

Petra Zimmermann: History Repeating II

Ornamentum’s current exhibition, History Repeating II, presents a collection of recent jewelry from Viennese jeweler Petra Zimmermann. This is Zimmermann’s first solo exhibition in the United States. Her work is a reflection on the overlap between art jewelry and fashion, mixing high-couture sensibilities with a twenty-first century ‘mash-up’ aesthetic. In Ornamentum’s newly renovated exhibition space, Zimmermann’s

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Designers on Jewellery

Designers on Jewellery: Twelve Years of Jewellery Production by Chi ha paura…? opened last month at the San Francisco Craft + Design Museum and is on display until May 16, 2010. The show marks the jewelry design brand’s twelfth year in the making. Founded by Gijs Bakker, jewelry and product designer and co-founder of Droog Design,

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Finnish Jewellery 1600-2009

It’s clear from the title of this exhibition that it has large ambitions, stretching from the Renaissance to the present day. As the introductory wall text puts it, ‘Over the centuries, Finnish craftsmen were able to learn their trade and practice it in neighbouring countries. Innovations and impulses were first received from the west, and later from the east. After the Second World War, Finnish jewellery design discovered its own style, which has become recognized around the world.’

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