Alan Preston at his home

Don’t Call Him the Grandfather of Aotearoa New Zealand’s Contemporary Jewelry

The Kātahi me Ināianei/Now and Then: Alan Preston exhibition, at Objectspace March 16–May 19, 2024,  presents a selection of jewelry from Alan Preston’s personal collection Preston is a founding member of Aotearoa New Zealand’s Fingers Co-operative. Fingers Gallery celebrates 50 years in existence this year Preston actively wears jewelry, and once sported 27 pieces of

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Work by Patricia Domingues

Lines and Fractures

The world inside a cut-apart stone looks like a universe or a landscape, says Domingues. “You can lose yourself in this microworld” She creates lines, fractures, and cuts in both natural and artificial gemstones to craft jewelry that resembles landscapes The tension between intentional acts and uncontrolled accidents fascinates Domingues Patricia Domingues works with natural

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Rita Soto Ventura, Illa Manka I, from the Illa Manka series

Art Jewelry—Where Sensations and Reflections Converge

Rita Soto hails from Chile. For her Susan Beech Mid-Career Grant application, she proposed to produce an oral history of contemporary jewelry made by women in South America. She planned to travel around the continent and collect stories from women artists to create an archive and micro-documentaries accessible online. Soto was a LOEWE Craft Prize

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Catherine Blackburn x Skye Paul, Mahsi Cho Hunting Bag

Stitching Is Medicine

Catherine Blackburn was born in Patuanak, Saskatchewan, of Dene and European ancestry. She is a member of the English River First Nation. Blackburn is a multidisciplinary artist and jeweler whose common themes address Canada’s colonial past, often prompted by personal narratives. In her practice, Blackburn merges mixed media and fashion to create dialogue between historical

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Khanya Mthethwa, Umswenko—Ndlovukazi

Khanya Mthethwa on Winning the 2023 Susan Beech Mid-Career Grant

Established by San Francisco-based jewelry collector Susan Beech, the $20,000 grant aims to recognize a mid-career artist who has made a substantial contribution to the field of art jewelry. The jury consisted of AJF founder Susan Cummins and the curators Beatriz Chadour-Samson and LaMar Gayles. Khanya Mthethwa, who is from South Africa, took time from

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Charmed to Meet You

Amelia Toelke works in many media: jewelry, illustration, sculpture, graphic design, etc. As an undergrad at SUNY New Paltz, she was drawn to the way metal encompasses utilitarian objects like buckets and spoons, but also ceremonial objects like reliquaries, censers, and jewelry She designed the logo to celebrate AJF’s 25th anniversary, which we’ve used throughout

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Checking in with Cong Ma

More than 100 international artists applied for this year’s Young Artist Award. Cong Ma was chosen as one of the finalists. She received an unrestricted cash award of US$1,000 and exhibited her work in Platina’s booth at Schmuck, in July 2022. AJF’s Young Artist Award acknowledges promise, innovation, and individuality, advancing the careers of rising

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