Ex-votos and Contemporary Jewelers

Traditional exvotos collection, private collection Sergio Barbieri, photo: Negro Karamanian Traditional ex-votos and contemporary jewelry both raise similar questions and concerns for viewers: What do they mean? What are they telling us? Their social purposes are different, and they belong to different worlds, but both are the product of materialized wishes: ex-votos and contemporary jewels

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Rebecca Hannon: Contemporary Camouflage

Rebecca Hannon, Wave Necklace, 2016, laminate, 960 x 60 x 60 mm, photo: Andrea Wagner The brightly colored, interlocking, laminate shapes that form the perplexingly composed necklaces and brooches in Rebecca Hannon’s recent exhibition Contemporary Camouflage are the result of investigations into the effects color has on form, and the complex configurations made possible through laser

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Jorge Castañón: Gestures, Repairs, and other Emergencies

Jorge Castañón, Las Madrigueras, 2007, necklace, ebony, itin wood, eucalyptus, linen, 210 x 450 x 20 mm, photo: artist Jorge Castañón is a significant jeweler in Argentina. He has developed his work both as a jeweler and as a craft master, springing from a traditional craftsmanship approach to contemporary jewelry. In 1990 he founded the

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