Best known in international jewelry and metalsmithing circles, Iris Eichenberg has made an enormous contribution as an artist and educator. Addressing significant current issues such as identity, gender politics, and Heimat—a German word denoting the personal happiness and fulfillment found upon reaching a safe haven—the show Iris Eichenberg: Where Words Fail is particularly timely. Eichenberg […]


The Core and the Shell

At present the jewelry maker is not just a person cloistered in the workshop concentrating on the process and production of jewelry-making for a client. Today a jeweler develops the necessary skills to promote and manage him/herself in the international context. Strengthening these two core principles of the practice will provide those just entering the

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In/Animate: Recent Work by Myra Mimlitsch-Gray

In/Animate surveys the past decade of work by Myra Mimlitsch-Gray, internationally renowned metalsmith and head of the metal program at SUNY New Paltz. Curated by author Akiko Busch, the exhibition explores a variety of artistic processes using iron, copper, brass, silver, and enameled steel. Mimlitsch-Gray’s domestic artifacts suggest a coalescence of body and thing, conveying

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Portfolio by Jewellery EM 2016

Ena Mulavdic and Ebrahim Mohammadian are jewelry designers and artists who work together on exceptional jewelry designs. They founded their jewelry studio, “Jewellery EM,” in 2016. Their work explores life in every single way–from birth to death, with all the love, hate, happiness, sadness, excitement, good, bad, care, prosperity, decline, lightness, darkness, and numerous other

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