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Techniques and Technologies

Jewelry-making techniques bring materials together within a composition. Techniques construct the interrelationship among parts so that they preserve a shape, yet still allow the piece of jewelry to move with the person as the jewelry is worn. And techniques manipulate the essence of the whole of the piece so as to convey the artist’s intent …

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Striking Gold: Fuller at Fifty

Exhibition catalog for “Striking Gold: Fuller at Fifty.” As Fuller marked its 50-year anniversary in 2019, it turned to gold to commemorate this milestone with “Striking Gold: Fuller at Fifty” in its Stone and Barstow galleries. This invitational project explores the storied traditions, contemporary interpretations, skillful applications, and conceptual rigor of gold as an artistic …

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Jewelers: the Next Generation

With the current generation of master craftspeople preparing to “age off” the bench, the jewelry industry needs to know where to look for trained workers. This paper presents the survey data collected from the top jewelry trade schools, university metals programs, and other jewelry field programs in the US and Canada which currently serve as …

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ARCHITECTURAL BASICS OF JEWELRY DESIGN Building In The Necessary Support and Structure

Whenever you create a piece of jewelry, it’s important to try to anticipate how your choice of materials, techniques, and technologies might positively or negatively affect how the piece moves and feels (which is called Support) when worn and how its components maintain shape and integrity (called Structure). Toward this end, it’s important to redefine …

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