Ariel Lavian

Depths of Heaven – Catalog

“The coronavirus urged Ariel Lavian to close down the shutters facing outward and focus on creating a new series, Depths of Heaven, which unfurls a new branch of his work. In his new solo exhibition, Lavian presents jewelry made of copper and silver, using fold forming techniques. In the choreography between hammer, metal, and anvil, …

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Stirring Voices from an Ancient Land

In the burgeoning world of international art jewelry, beset by both lookalikes and provocateurs boldly competing for attention, the authenticity and directness of Israel’s art jewelry has consistently set it apart. Yet Ursula Ilse-Neuman only fully appreciated what makes this country’s work exceptional after having the opportunity to live there for the past two years. …

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Material World – Solo Exhibition by Ariel Lavian – Catalog

Ariel Lavian sees beauty wherever he may go. He collects objects he happens to find, whenever he recognizes the material’s potential. Beyond creating a merely decorative object, Lavian uses his highly personal material language for this process, enabling him as an artist-researcher to raise a dialogue regarding ideas and concepts close to his heart. The …

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