Sareh Zarghampour

Sareh Zarghampour submitted this graduate portfolio item on 07/14/2023 for PXL-MAD School of Arts

Caption: Sareh Zarghampour, Untitled, 2023, Necklace, waste medical glass bottles and thread, 24cm*19cm*8cm, Maryam Zabihi. This collection narrates a life journey intertwined with a genetic disease. Beyond the daily intake of medication, these medicinal substances have transformed into captivating jewelry pieces. This story delves into a profound connection where medical bottles transcend their conventional purpose and persist as ornate adornments. The collection presents a contrast between discarded glass medicine bottles and the crochet. The interaction between two opposite materials symbolizes the interplay between fragility and resilience. Crocheting finds its place within this collection through a nostalgic tale, as if weaves mimic the restoration of bodily components—veins and organs—removed from their natural abode to persist on the wearer’s form. Amidst the struggle among these individual elements, their medicinal essence entwines, creating a unified whole.

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