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Will You Be in Tucson for the 2024 Gem Show?

With fantastical creatures presented in evocative displays, this must-see exhibition at Yun Gee Park Gallery features work by Ahmi Yu, Jong Seok Lim, Lin Stanionis, Märta Mattsson, and Masumi Kataoka, and paintings by Frank Gonzales. Of the Garden’s Earth & Air: Insects in Jewelry and Art December 2, 2023–February 17, 2024 Yun Gee Park Gallery, […]

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Thabang Mamabolo, Finding Home: A Life-Long Journey

Redefining Culture and Identity

This collection showcases a diverse range of contemporary jewelry artists from South Africa, each with a unique perspective and creative approach to their work. From Carine Terreblanche’s reinterpretation of inherited jewelry symbols to Beverley Price’s fusion of indigenous culture with Western jewelry techniques, these artists explore themes of identity, cultural heritage, and societal norms through

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Jackie Roffe, El Luchador 1

Atelier Lazard

We asked the maker Lorena Lazard to come on AJF Live in April 2023 because we wanted to learn more about the art jewelry scene taking place in Mexico. Lazard invited three other Mexican jewelry artists—two of whom attend her school—to join her. The program (which we recorded; you can watch here) fit into our

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A Glittering Night at the Opening of MAD About Jewelry

Necklaces made from vintage Japanese kimonos, brooches adorned with crushed eggshell, and rings with “stones” created from plastic litter all made a showing at the 2023 opening benefit preview for MAD About Jewelry, the annual pop-up sale of contemporary artist-made jewelry at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) in New York City. Those attending

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Banafsheh Hemmati

The Iranian designer-artist Banafsheh Hemmati has designed jewelry, furniture, landscape, light, and accessories for more than 20 years. She began designing jewelry to go with the clothes she designed for herself.  “I could find no jewelry to suit them,” says Hemmati. “Ultimately, I designed the jewelry that suited them best.” Born in Tehran in 1974,

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