Jessica Hughes

Jessica Hughes is an artist, writer, and jewelry enthusiast. Based in Providence, RI, US, Jessica received her BFA at Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia. Currently, she is the creative director at a fashion jewelry and accessories company, where she leads the design, marketing, trend, and product merchandising teams.

Articles by Jessica Hughes

Seth Michael Carlson, Snakeskin Collar

Gravers Lane Gallery

The Philadelphia Gallery Focuses on Excellence in Craftsmanship
Museum of Craft and Design

Creating Collectors out of Shoppers

Elizabeth Shypertt: Jewelry Manager at the Museum of Craft and Design Museum Store

In Conversation with Jorunn Veiteberg

Collector, Curator, Writer, and More

Lisa Koenigsberg

Initiatives in Art and Culture, New York, New York

Jenna Shaifer

Ombré Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Interview with Alan Preston and Pauline Bern

Fingers, Auckland, New Zealand

Carine Terreblanche: Portrait (Group Show)

Tinsel Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa

Olga Zobel

Galerie Biró, Munich, Germany

Anna Lindsay MacDonald: Re: Halcyon Dream

L.A. Pai Gallery, Ontario, Canada

Janna Syvänoja

Alternatives, Rome, Italy

Alissa Lamarre: Dividing Gravity

Brooklyn Metal Works, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Christina Odegard: Matin

Shibumi Gallery, Berkeley, California, USA
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