Rebekah Frank

Rebekah Frank is a studio artist, independent writer, and arts consultant. Her essays can be found on Art Jewelry Forum as well as in Metalsmith magazine and Surface Design Journal. She enjoys traveling the world in search of interesting experiences to fuel both her art and writing practices.

Articles by Rebekah Frank

Kumi Kaguraoka

Blind Pursuit of Beauty

What’s in a Word

A Review of Barbara Schmidt’s 350 Words for Jewellery

Jewelry||Adjacent: Monica Canilao

Found Objects Reimagined as New Narratives

Storage and Display Solutions for Art Jewelry

Different Approaches from Different Collections

Jewelry||Adjacent: Hollis Chitto

Blurring Traditions in Native Beadwork

Jewelry||Adjacent: Angela Hennessy

The Presence of Absence (in English + en español)

Jewelry||Adjacent: Demetri Broxton’s Beaded Boxing Gloves

Investigating Race, Masculinity, and Sport in the United States

The Excitement of Discovery

A Path to Becoming a Collector of Art Jewelry

How Many Reasons to Wear Jewelry Do You Need?

A Review of 25 Reasons Why to Wear Jewellery — in English and in Chinese

Social Media Platforms and Private Collections

Strange Bedfellows

Fabulously Ordinary

Lyle XOX: Head of Design

Cataloguing Your Jewelry Collection

Everything You Need to Know to Get Started
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