Saskia van Es

Saskia van Es is a Dutch art historian. When she got her degree in the mid-90s, her interest was in architecture and town planning, but it has shifted over the years to smaller and smaller and often wearable objects. At the moment, her antennae are tuned to questions about materials raised in the Anthropocene.

Articles by Saskia van Es

Thank You, Simone

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The Curse and the Gold

MASieraad’s Polyphonic Approach to Education

Exploring the Use of Organic Materials in Jewelry

Can We Start to Ask Questions, Please?

Planet Glitter

A Review of Jewels!

Fearlessly Self-Made

A Review of Drag Power

Jewelry That Raises (Too Many) Questions about the Body

The Body Control Exhibition

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An Online Trove of Contemporary Jewelry

Jewellery: Made By, Worn By

All Cultures Make Beads, Are All People Thus Connected?
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