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Wednesday June 7, 12 p.m. ET

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Known as a trickster and an outsider, Jocz has frequently reinvented his aesthetic, inverting traditional rules. “I tend to stuff big ideas into small packages,” he says, “and then the jewelry almost seems as if it’s bursting out.”

Although his work defies neat categorization, some ideas surface repeatedly, drawing seemingly disparate pieces together. All his work has an autobiographical aspect, with clever and subtle visual jokes. He has created outrageous, oversized flocked Candy Wear pieces and necklaces composed of enameled cherries and smoked cigarettes. His oversized aluminum bracelets and collars explode the structural limitations of traditional materials.

Captions (left to right)
1. Daniel Jocz, Pop Rock Daddy, from the American Riff on the Millstone Ruff series, 2007, collar, aluminum, copper, lacquer, chrome, photo courtesy Daniel Jocz studio
2. Daniel Jocz, Bracelets, from the Candy Wear series, 2000, silver, rayon flock, magnet, center: National Museum of Scotland, photo courtesy Daniel Jocz studio
3. Daniel Jocz, Cherry Solitaire, from the Marlene series, 1997, necklace, silver, gold, enamel, photo courtesy Daniel Jocz studio
4. Daniel Jocz, Gamble, from the Marlene Half a Pack series, 1997, necklaces, silver, copper, enamel, photo courtesy Daniel Jocz studio
5. Daniel Jocz, Rings from the Protos series, 1991–1993, nickel, polymer clay, dry pigment, The Daphne Fargo Collection, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, photo courtesy Daniel Jocz studio

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