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AJF Live with Bryan Parnham
July 31, 2024, 12 p.m. EST (New York City time)
Online, free and open to all
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We’ll speak with the 2024 Young Artist Award winner. Parnham will give an artist talk, then discuss his practice and the challenges that come with being a full-time artist. Jewelry-making is a bit of an accident for Parnham. He wants to be a painter, a photographer, a printmaker, a sculptor, an engineer, a scientist, a philosopher, a comedian, a scholar. But not just one—he wants to pick and choose combinations and weave between them. Jewelry is small and relatively permissive. It’s the right place to poke at the boundaries that separate different mediums.

AJF Live with Marta Costa Reis, Monica Gaspar, and Patricia Domingues
August 28, 12 p.m. EST (New York City time)

AJF Trip: September 8–15, 2024: Amsterdam, Netherlands
The overwhelming choice of AJF’s travelers, the capital of the Netherlands is where we’ll spend an exciting week exploring the rich culture of art jewelry in the city and beyond. One of Europe’s most beloved cities, Amsterdam is not only full of history but has a wide modern streak, too: a creative food scene, an open-minded attitude, and an innovative culture of design. 

We will be based in Amsterdam and take day trips to Nijmegen and Maastricht, as well as stops in Belgium: Antwerp and Hasselt. (Since we’ll stay in only one city, you won’t have to unpack and repack!) 

 Highlights we plan to include:

  • visits to such galleries as Galerie Marzee, Galerie Beyond, Galerie Door, The Pool, and Galerie Rob Koudijs
  • private tours of the archives of museums like the Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum, Francoise van Den Bosch Foundation, and CODA
  • meetings with emerging artists from the schools PXL-MAD and MASieraad
  • visits to artists’ studios, such as Gijs Bakker, Evert Nijland, Ruudt Peters, Beppe Kessler, Nina Sajet, Ted Noten, Paul Derrez, Gesine Hackenberg, Ela Bauer, Chequita Nahar, and Kalkidan Hoex

One of the perks of giving at the Silver level is the opportunity to join a cast of jewelry world aficionados as we travel the world. If you’d like more information about our trips, or have any questions about your membership, email Yvonne at yvonne (at) artjewelryforum (dot) org. To become a member, join here. See member benefits here.

AJF Live with Helen Drutt
Ticketed event. Additional information to come

AJF in Conversation during NYC Jewelry Week (November 18–24, 2024)
AJF will be in attendance. Events, dates, and times to be announced.

1. Bryan Parnham, Punctum #4
2. Bryan Parnham, Punctum 16
3. Bryan Parnham, Punctum #14
4. Bryan Parnham, Punctum #15
5. AJF members at Esther Brinkmann’s studio during our trip to Switzerland in 2023. (Left to right) Ann McEldowney, Patti Bleicher, Gail Hufjay, Bonnie Levine, and Susan Lewin, photo: Linda Peshkin
6. View of Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h, which we visited during our June 2024 trip to Montreal, photo courtesy of Noel Guyomarc’h
7. AJF members at Atelier Teresa Milheiro during our 2019 trip to Portugal

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What time for you?
Please double-check your schedule as local times may change across the coming months.
9 a.m. PST: San Francisco
10 a.m. MST: Denver
11 a.m. CST: Houston, Mexico City
12 p.m. EST: Toronto, NYC
2 p.m.: Buenos Aires, Santiago
5 p.m.: London, Lisbon
6 p.m.: Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Berlin
7 p.m.: Bucharest, Athens, Tallinn, Cape Town, Tel Aviv, Cairo
8:30 p.m.: Tehran
9 p.m.: Dubai
10:30 p.m.: New Delhi
12 a.m. the next day: Bangkok
1 a.m. the next day: Beijing, Perth
2 a.m. the next day: Seoul, Tokyo
4 a.m. the next day: Sydney, Melbourne

6 a.m. the next day: Auckland

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