Jennifer Altmann

Jennifer Altmann is a freelance journalist who has written for The New York Times’s Style section, The Washington Post, the Associated Press, and dozens of magazines. She has previously written for AJF about jeweler Rian de Jong and studio jewelry at auction.

Articles by Jennifer Altmann

Enticing with Light, Color, and Fire

Artists Explore Making Glass Jewelry at the Corning Museum of Glass
Work by Patricia Domingues

Lines and Fractures

Patricia Domingues Chisels and Hammers to Create Mesmerizing Landscapes out of Gemstones
Ted Noten talking about his exhibition at Ornamentum Gallery

To the Berkshires and Beyond, 2023

Trying on Art Smith’s Iconic Cuffs and other Singular Treats on AJF’s Summer Trip

A Glittering Night at the Opening of MAD About Jewelry

MAD Hosts Its Annual Pop-up Sale of Contemporary Jewelry

From Pearls to Bic Lighters

The 2023 Schmuck Exhibition and Frame
Jewelry maker Shamaka Thompson has found the perfect thing for packing her long necklaces: a leather bowling ball bag

Jewelry Hits the Road

Inside the Suitcases of Collectors, Jewelry Makers, Gallerists, and Curators
Jesse Monongya, Night Sky

Studio Jewelry at Auction

It Is Gaining a Prominent Spot

Bejeweled Pistols and Guns That Can Melt

Rian de Jong Talks about Her Exhibition, Triggered
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