Vicki Mason

Vicki Mason has been wearing jewelry since she was two and making it since she was six or seven. Born in New Zealand, she lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. Mason completed her undergraduate studies in New Zealand, and her master’s degree (research) in Australia, at ANU. Making jewelry fulfills a need she has to create objects that can be worn, that hold special meanings. For Vicki, jewelry has the capacity to provoke a viewer to respond or interact with a worn jewel, and therefore the wearer. A dialogue is opened up—jewelry then acts not only as a portable tool for the communication of ideas, but as a social object. Photo: Claire Norcross

Articles by Vicki Mason

Opening reception at Funaki Gallery for Manon van Kouswijk + Vita Cochran

New Ground

Funaki Gallery’s Fresh Digs in a Third-Floor Apartment

Nelson Jewellery Week, April 13–23, 2023

An Interview with Organizers Kay van Dyk and Katie Pascoe
Ariel Lavian

In Conversation with Ariel Lavian

“I Am Always Thinking of Ways to Promote Our Field”
Lisa Waup, Broderie Earrings


Lisa Waup Reconnects Country, History, and Family

Brooklyn Metal Works and WALKA Jewelry School

Kim Buck

In English / 日本語版

Jonathan Wahl

Director, 92Y Jewelry Center

Susie Ganch

Susan Beech Mid-Career Grant Finalist

Eliana Negroni

Gioielli in Fermento, Italy

Motoko Furuhashi and Demitra Thomloudis: CrossPASS

Velvet da Vinci, San Francisco, California, USA

Panjapol Kulpapangkorn: Jewellery Is at My Feet/The Show Is Yours

ATTA Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

Jasmin Matzakow: body x necklace x intention = base unit

Galerie Ra, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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