Melis Agabigum

Melis Agabigum is an educator and studio artist from Michigan. She received her MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and has previously taught as an adjunct in art metals at Boise State University, University of Michigan, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Provoked by an interest in material fiction, her work explores the physical and emotional weights that affect individuals in how they perceive their connection to others, their bodies, and space. Melis’ work has been shown at the national and international level in shows at Athens Jewelry Week 2018, in Greece; (AV17) Gallery, in Lithuania; the Walker Art Museum, in Minneapolis; and the Charles H. Wright Museum, in Detroit. She currently teaches as a visiting assistant professor of jewelry and 3D fabrication at Earlham College, in Indiana.

Articles by Melis Agabigum

Exterior view of Pistachios Contemporary Art Jewelry, winter window display

Pistachios Contemporary Art Jewelry

A Gem of a Gallery in the American Midwest
Karen Rotenberg wearing 30 Million Years After necklace, by Annette Dam

In Conversation with Karen Rotenberg

Juror for the 2022 AJF Young Artist Award

In Conversation with Thereza Pedrosa, of Thereza Pedrosa Gallery

Beautiful People Live Art

Intaglio by Jewelry Artists

Metal Plates and Printed Lines

Teaching During the Time of COVID, Part 2

Problem-Solving the Teaching Challenge of the Century

Teaching During the Time of COVID, Part 1

Problem-Solving the Teaching Challenge of the Century

In Conversation with Tereza Seabra

Owner and Curator of Tereza Seabra Gallery in Lisbon

Capturing a Moment

The Performative Jewelry of Lodie Kardouss

In Conversation with Erato Kouloubi and Niki Stylianou

The Duo Behind Athens Jewelry Week

Athens Jewelry Week 2018

Connecting Connoisseurs and Artists

Material Fiction

Tara Donovan, Yevgeniya Kaganovich, and Susie Ganch
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