Liesbeth den Besten

Liesbeth den Besten is an art historian, based in the Amsterdam region, who works as an independent writer, teacher, lecturer, and curator. Presently, she teaches jewelry history at Sint Lucas Antwerpen. Together with Gijs Bakker, Ruudt Peters, and Ted Noten, she is one of the initiators of MASieraad, an MA in jewelry, now at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam (2018–2020), in the future at other places. Her book, On Jewellery: A Compendium of International Contemporary Art Jewellery, was published by Arnoldsche in November 2011.

Articles by Liesbeth den Besten

Kadri Mälk

A Dark, Romantic, and Spiritual Being

Remembering Kadri Mälk (1958–2023)

Berend Peter Hogen Esch, 1945–2022

The Last Member of BOE Participated in a Crucial Period of Contemporary Dutch Jewelry
Paul Derrez

Paul Derrez’s Pride Power Project and Rainbow Chains

The Social Relevance of Jewelry

The Wanderings of the Danish State-Owned Jewelry Collection

The Exhibitions Werke und Tage and Danish Jewellery Box

Claartje Keur, February 6, 1938–March 19, 2021

A Dutch Jewelry Collector with a Story

Boundless Energy and Joie de Vivre

Lucy Sarneel, March 4, 1961–December 28, 2020

Like Bees to Honey

Fans, Collectors, and Colleagues Celebrate Daniel Kruger

2018 New York City Jewelry Week

My First AJF Trip

In Memoriam: Marjan Unger

A Homage to an Iconoclast


Art and Objects Made Using Humanity’s Most Transformational Process

The Making of BRON

One Artist, One Solo Exhibition, 20 Team Workers, 25 Ambassadors, 126 Showcases

In Conversation with Anne Dressen

Curator at Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris/ARC
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