Lena Vigna

Currently curator of exhibitions at the Racine Art Museum, Lena Vigna has a particular interest in the contemporary fields of adornment, fiber, sculpture and installation. She has curated over 40 solo and group exhibitions and written numerous essays that explore issues relevant to contemporary art and society. A co-author of the recent Metalsmith article ‘Mining History: Ornamentalism Revisited,’ she was awarded a 2006 Craft Research Fund Project Grant from the Center for Craft, Creativity and Design and her exhibition Adornment and Excess: Jewelry in the 21st Century received an AJF grant in 2009.

Articles by Lena Vigna

Review of the ACC Present Tense Conference

Craft as a Positive, Guiding Force

Notes on Excess

Heirlooms: Navigating the Personal in Contemporary Jewelry

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