Peek into the Book “Chinese Contemporary Jewelry Design”

And into the Insights of Its Author, Bifei Cao

By United States

Bifei Cao won the 2018 AJF Artist Award and went on to teach at the School of Art and Design, Guangdong University of Technology, in China. We asked him to collaborate with us on this photo essay, which provides a peek into his recent book, Chinese Contemporary Jewelry Design. Cao provided spreads from his 320-page volume.  

Charon Kransen Arts stocks the book. “Chinese Contemporary Jewelry Design gives an amazing insight in how this field has developed in a relatively short period,” says Kransen. “University jewelry and metal departments all over the world—Australia, Europe, US, etc.—are closing or scaling down. But not in China: new departments, great facilities, and many students.

“Most departments there are headed by jewelry artists who have almost all studied abroad for a number of years: Bifei Cao, Wang Kezhen, Shannon Guo, Jie Sun, Viviane Wang, and Dai Xiang, just to mention a few,” continues Kransen. “Needless to say, they have influenced the next generation of jewelry artists, and that, without a doubt, explains the growing interest in contemporary jewelry as a profession in China. Having left behind the traditional classical symbolism, artists have been inspired by a newfound freedom in using techniques, materials, and concepts, and the results can be seen in this great overview. We should be enormously grateful to Bifei for this publication, which is truly a labor of love.”

Click on the photos to learn about what they show.

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