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AJF Ambassadors ProgramAJF Hangouts takes the pulse of the rapidly expanding world of global art jewelry. We hear from voices in emerging jewelry scenes, featuring those with the responsibility of representing their country as AJF Ambassadors. Despite the varying quality of video feeds, it’s quite amazing that we can now use this platform to connect people together from all corners of the globe. What connects them is a shared passion for contemporary jewelry, even in those cases where there are no galleries or collectors. Their commitment may help those of us in more established scenes appreciate the way our art field emerged thanks to a similar vision a generation ago.

Ornament is a central element in South Asian cultures. The capacity to afford gold jewelry for weddings is a key ambition in many families. Given the pervasiveness of jewelry in South Asian cultures, where can we find expressions of it as an art form? What can contemporary jewelers from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka contribute to the global scene? 
Speakers: Pallavi Gandhi (India), Eina Ahluwalia (AJF Ambassador, India), Sahr Bashir (AJF Ambassador, Pakistan), Amina Rizwan (Pakistan), Aayusha Shrestha (AJF Ambassador, Nepal)


  • Kevin Murray is an independent writer and curator living in Melbourne. He is currently managing editor of Garland magazine - the stories behind what we make. 

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