Zu design

Zu design is an artist-run gallery and studio in heritage-listed Gay’s Arcade, off Adelaide Arcade in Adelaide, South Australia. The focus is on showcasing predominately Australian art jewelers.

The makers Zu design represents range from emerging and established to internationally known contemporary jewelers. The gallery is passionate about contemporary jewelry and loves showing visitors the possibilities and the diverse range of work from its collection by over 130 makers, each having their own unique style and using a huge variety of techniques and materials.

Run by Jane Bowden, Zu design is also home to access tenants working from the studio space adjacent to its gallery. Current tenants include Angela Giuliani, Simon Williams, Michelle Kelly, Renai Perkas, and Jialei Zheng.

Read AJF’s interview with Jane Bowden here.

102G Gay’s Arcade
Adelaide, South Australia 5000

Phone: +61 8 8224 0433
Mobile: +0417 080 125
Email: janeb@zudesign.com.au


Object Feature

Lauren Simeoni, Count by Colours

Lauren Simeoni, Count by Colours

Jane Bowden, Studies in Beads Earrings

Michelle Taylor (Nawaz), Scape #1 PMS 698C PMS 700C

Zoe Jay Veness, Ribbon

Anja Jagsch, Untitled

Anja Jagsch, Untitled

Andrew Welch, dot.daisy

Mary Hackett, I Have a Crush on You

Angela Giuliani, Yin & Yang

Angela Giuliani, Yin & Yang

Angela Giuliani, Mismatched

Angela Giuliani, Mismatched

Polly Dymond, (Not) Amethyst

Polly Dymond, Fools Pearls

Catherine Truman, Orange Fluro Plant

Catherine Truman, Fluro Orange Sponge

Leonie Westbrook, Peel

Leonie Westbrook, Peel

Michelle Nawaz, Square and Green

Michelle Nawaz, Bits and Pieces

Angela Giuliani, Zig Zag

Simon Williams, Pillars

Sue Lorraine, Started Ball

Sue Lorraine, Coloured Pencil Stub Pendants, from the Drawn Out series

Susannah Gai, Shire Glade

Danielle Rickaby, Loud Link

Jane Bowden, (left) Square, (right) Circle

Katrina Tyler, Rosie Do Cameo brooches

Katrina Tyler, Pitch brooch (orange)

Kath Inglis, Codium + Coraline Epiphytes

Danielle Rickaby, d shackle

Danielle Rickaby, d shackle

Simon Williams, Pipes Cufflinks

Simon Williams, Pipes Ring

Mio Kuhnen, Butterfly Collection

Sim Luttin, Living (from Moment(o)s of Beauty)

Renai Perkas, Upside-down

Daria Fox, The Road Home—Waterway

Jane Bowden, Untitled

Gretal Ferguson, Cover Stitch

Jess Dare, Frangipani Lei

Angela Giuliani, Mini City Earrings—Building Blocks

Sabine Pagan,

Julie Blyfield,

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