Galerie Elsa Vanier

Opened in 2003, the Galerie Elsa Vanier has recently moved to the lovely Rue de l’Odéon, in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris. Galerie Elsa Vanier showcases contemporary jewelry designers whose unique talent gives pride of place to rare, precious, or fascinating materials.

The makers offer a wide array of profiles, from jewelers and gem-cutters to silversmiths, sculptors, and contemporary artists who question the meaning of wearing jewelry in the 21st century. Some of our jewelry artists submit a fascinating response to the question regarding the role of jewelry, its relationship to the body, its psychological impact, or what it says of the wearer. Our designers are selected for the emotional charge in their works, their originality, creativity, and quality of workmanship. As we discover new talents regularly, the gallery welcomes designers for temporary exhibitions alongside a group of permanent “house” designers.

The gallery is an “open house,” where the visitor can freely choose a piece of jewelry from the collections of designers from around the world and meet the artists at exhibition openings. Every year, the gallery organizes three to four exhibitions. Some focus on the work of one designer, while other theme-based exhibitions showcase the works of several artists.

Designer jewelry tells us a lot about culture!


20 Rue du Commandant Mouchotte
75014 Paris

Phone:+33 663 46 45 24


Object Feature

Marianne Anselin, Your 18 Years

Martin Spreng, Imperial Topaz Brooch

Agathe Saint Girons, Red Be(a)d

Bérénice Noël,

Annie Sibert,

Claire Wolfstirn,

Aisegul Telli,

Fabiana Gadano,

Karin Roy Andersson,

Violeta Adomaitytė and Philip Sajet,

Florence Croisier,

Philip Sajet,

Violeta Adomaytité,

Ambroise Degenève,

Marianne Anselin,

Karola Torkos,

Daphne Krinos,

Agathe Saint Girons,

Agathe Saint Girons,

Yoko Takirai and Pietro Pellitteri, Cube

Marine Dominiczak,

Kim Buck,

Annie Sibert,

Martin Spreng,

Oliver Schmidt,

Jean Grisoni,

Ute Decker,

Luisa Bruni,

Ambroise Degenève,

Marianne Anselin,

Agathe Saint Girons,

Céline Sylvestre,

Florence Croisier,

John Moore,

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