Quittenbaum Art Auctions and Quittenbaum Gallery

Quittenbaum Art Auctions organizes annual auctions with author’s and artist jewelry. We held our first author’s jewelry auction in December 2017, offering an important collection of kinetic works by Friedrich Becker. Since then, we have regularly presented exciting works by many German goldsmiths, and international artists as well.

In addition to that, we run Quittenbaum Gallery, which is located right across from the Neue Sammlung—The Design Museum, where jewelry lovers can see the important jewelry collection of the Danner Rotunda. At Quittenbaum Gallery, we show contemporary art and author’s jewelry. In March 2020, during Munich Jewellery Week, the exhibition Hermann Jünger: 50 Years of V-Jewelry, curated by Nadine Becker, attracted many visitors. In the future we’d like to show more important jewelry pieces by contemporary and deceased artists alike to bring their ideas back into the focus of the present.

We try to make the auction house and the gallery open-minded spaces for the design and art and jewelry of the 20th and 21st centuries.


Theresienstrasse 58 and 60
80333 Munich, Germany

+49 89 27 37 02 10


Object Feature

Herman Hermsen, Necklace from the “Black and White” series

Danni Schwaag, blu_men V

Herman Hermsen, Necklace from the “Corona for the Secularized Madonna” series

Helga Zahn, Necklace

Manfred Bischoff, Brooch

Hermann Jünger, Necklace

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