Galeria Alice Floriano

Galeria Alice Floriano was inaugurated in 2015 in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Its aim is to show and promote contemporary jewelry as an artistic movement and cultural expression. Jeweler and gallerist Alice Floriano presents well-established artists as well as emerging talent from around the world in her gallery, thereby offering space and visibility to those at the start of their careers who produce consistent, promising work. Apart from its permanent space in Porto Alegre, in 2017/2018 the gallery began to operate regularly on an itinerant basis in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and other Brazilian cities, and to provide more opportunities for the public to access extraordinary wearable art, which is still little known in Brazil. The gallery now represents almost 50 jewelry artists and regularly selects new names to include in its catalog.

In 2019, the gallery took part in the first Milano Jewelry Week. Throughout 2020, it has remained very active with its social and educational programs and its participation in Athens Jewelry Week.



Rua Félix da Cunha 1181
Porto Alegre, Brazil

+55 51 33775879


Object Feature

Namkyung Lee, Image Archive

Namkyung Lee, Beyond the Scene

Akiko Kurihara, Necklace String 1 G

María Ignacia Walker, Brooch from Memory 01

Märta Mattsson, Wings

Renata Meirelles, Red Resistance

Ruudt Peters, On Offer

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