Thereza Pedrosa Gallery

Thereza Pedrosa Gallery was founded by Elinor Garnero and Thereza Pedrosa in 2019, in the medieval town of Asolo, which is in northeastern Italy.

Thereza Pedrosa Gallery was born out of the desire to celebrate the interconnections between the arts by promoting artists, sculptors, designers, and creatives. The aim is to show how all art forms are facets of a unique diamond, all contributing to the beauty of the whole. The blog “Beautiful People Live Art” was started by Thereza Pedrosa in 2012; its name collects the deepest meaning of the gallery, referring to the importance of art in our lives, in every aspect of our daily routines.

“Art that is savored to the fullest leads to appreciating the beauty that surrounds us, making us part of beauty itself. We live art when a painting in the living room welcomes us and soothes our souls when we return home every evening. We live art with a sculpture in the hallway, which we caress absentmindedly as we head out to start a new day. We live art with a unique jewel that, like an amulet, channels our energy, strength, and self-assurance to face every challenge with our heads held high. Living art makes our lives beautiful.” —Thereza Pedrosa





via Canova 323

31011 Asolo TV, Italy



+31 687108490








Object Feature

Corrado De Meo, Surface n. 13

Ute Kolar, Doldden

Mineri Matsuura, Metamorphosis 3

Nicola Heidemann, Green-Blue Egg

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