Yun Gee Park Gallery

Yun Gee Park Gallery is a gallery/gardens destination in Tucson, AZ, in the southwestern US, presenting contemporary fine art, art jewelry, and objects. The complex is a regional “hidden gem,” noted for its collection of internationally established artists who explore unconventional materials and forms; its distinctive manner of display and installation; and its focus on curation of all aspects of one’s life, including environment, body, and action.

The property features a main gallery, an experimental gallery, an outdoor sculpture garden, and four distinct gardens that combine Sonoran and Korean aesthetics.

The collection on offer at the gallery is eclectic and contemporary, while exhibiting a curatorial cohesion that is bold, provocative, and unconventional, yet elegantly executed with strong links to artistic tradition and traditional techniques. Artists who are invited to present their works at the gallery are chosen based on their aesthetically successful combination of concepts and selection of media—that is, there is no other set of materials that the artist could have chosen that would more satisfactorily convey the artist’s intent.



4226 E. 2nd St.

Tucson, Arizona 85711 USA


+(520) 901-0013




Object Feature

Cindy Sumner, Untitled

Valerie Mitchell, Quad Cell

Yong Joo Kim, Varied Degree of Directed Protrusion No. 4

Heejoo Kim, UniverShell Necklace

Leslie Wardlaw, Taos

Jude Clarke, Clouds over Rome

Cluster Pendant, Cindy Sumner

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