Mònica Gaspar

Mònica Gaspar is a curator, writer, and lecturer who explores craft and design as critical and reflective practices. She has also specialized in contemporary jewelry, curating, writing, and lecturing in international contexts. In 2001, she curated the first public collection of contemporary jewelry in Spain, hosted by the Barcelona Design Museum. In 2010 she served as the youngest curator ever for the Schmuck exhibition (Munich, IHM Fair). Her current research involves intersectional and decolonial approaches to craft and design discourse to write alternative histories about those fields. With the title “Like Oil and Water: Experiments with Craft and Theory,” she gave the 25th Peter Dormer Lecture. Currently, she is a lecturer on design theory and craft studies at the HSLU Lucerne University of Art and Design, Switzerland.

Articles by Mònica Gaspar

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This Summer I Am Reading…

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An Evening with Mònica Gaspar at Cranbrook

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