Elena Karpilova

Elena Karpilova was born in 1987. From 2005–2009, she studied art at the Glebov Art College (Belarus); from 2010–2016 she studied at the University of Culture and Arts (Belarus) as a comparative art critic. She is an art historian, artist, and the head of Architectural Thinking School for Children. “I have been making jewelry since 2008, experimenting with various techniques. In order to expand the public's understanding of the aesthetics and meanings of jewelry, I have an Instagram account, @Karpilova, where I post my works and also interviews with jewelers from all over the world.”

Articles by Elena Karpilova

Ukrainian Jewelers, Part 2

"And then the guys from Territorial Defense asked me to make amulets for them."

Ukrainian Jewelers

When Workshops Turn into Bomb Shelters
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