André Gali

Andre Gali is editor-in-chief of Norwegian Crafts Magazine and series editor of Documents on Contemporary Crafts. He is also the founding editor of the Nordic art quarterly Kunstforum and the website, founded in 2009. Gali holds a master’s degree in theater theory with a thesis entitled Andy Warhol Superstar: On the Artist Myth, Media and Mechanical Theatricality (2005). He has contributed to several catalogs and books, among them Crafting Exhibitions (editor, Norwegian Crafts, 2015), Reinhold Ziegler: Cosmic Debris (Arnoldsche Art Publishers, 2014), Aftermath of Art Jewellery (Arnoldsche Art Publishers, 2013), Museum for Skills (editor, Norwegian Crafts, 2013), Morten Andenæs: Skyldfolk (Teknisk Industri, 2012), and Sigurd Bronger: Laboratorum Mechanum (Arnoldsche Art Publishers, 2011).

Photo: Aftermath of Art Jewellery

Articles by André Gali

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