Ana Passos

Ana Passos is a Brazilian jewelry artist, independent researcher, teacher, lecturer, and writer. She was one of the finalists in the 2021 Susan Beech Mid-Career Grant competition with a research project on the pioneers of Brazilian art jewelry. She holds a PhD in education, art, and history of culture from Mackenzie University, with a thesis entitled From Matter to Affection: The Construction of the Meaning of Jewelry in Contemporaneity. She is the author of The Jewelry of Reny Golcman (2015) and Jewelry in Bahia from the 18th and 19th Centuries (2017), both with the photographer José Terra. She lives and works in São Paulo.

Photo credit: Ana Passos, self-portrait, 2021

Articles by Ana Passos

In Conversation with Miriam Mirna Korolkovas

A Pioneer and Curator of Brazilian Art Jewelry

In Conversation with Alice Floriano

Owner of Galeria Alice Floriano, Porto Alegre, Brazil
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