Makiko Akiyama, Kokubunji, Tokyo Metropolis, Japan


“Introverts Unite! (Separately at our own homes)”

I probably first came upon this phrase when my friend Daim posted a T-shirt with it to Facebook.

I work at home from a cubbyhole. As an introvert writer and translator, I understand the sentiment: I want to connect with others, even if it’s from the privacy of home.

And I can, thanks to my bookshelf and old, slow Vaio laptop. I meet people and learn their ideas through the printed page and a small 15-inch screen. When I work up the courage, I’ll send an email to someone I’ve never met to write or translate an article about them. I can stay connected to the world because there are people who accept my method.

Hello, there. What are you up to? What’s on your mind? Sometime soon I might approach you to get to know you better, to let others know the exciting things you are doing, all the time hoping to see you, one day, in the real world.

Translation assistance and editing by David Kracker

Makiko Akiyama's studio, photo: artist
Makiko Akiyama’s studio, photo: artist


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