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COVID-Themed Jewelry

Part 4 of a Special Limited Series

By United States

In response to the shock wave of the pandemic, jewelry artists made work and galleries and museums organized exhibitions. We asked you to send in photos. You inundated us with images—thanks for participating!

In the first three already-published photo essays in this series, we concentrated on exhibitions. Now we’ll feature jewelry from around the world. Some of the work relates to the lockdown—feelings of isolation, fear of shortages, working with whatever’s at hand. Other pieces are political. Many have to do with keeping safe, or with fear of death. Still others riff on the shape of the virus. And there are pieces that aim to serve in a protective capacity or that speak to social distancing.

There’s more to come. We’ll continue to publish all the remaining photos over the coming weeks, split into digestible installments for you to enjoy more easily.

Click on the photos to learn about what they show.

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