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COVID-Themed Jewelry Exhibitions

Part 2 in a Special Limited Series

By United States

COVID-19 caused a significant change in the ways we live. The unprecedented shift forced us to renegotiate everything from our behaviors to our routines. We sat in lockdown, glued to the news, watching the numbers—how many positive cases? How many dead? If we were lucky, we worked from home. If we didn’t have access to our studios, we made wherever we were. The kids stayed home from class. And we all Zoomed.

ilona Schwippel, the owner of Gallery Viceversa, described the pandemic as “a collective and public experience, at the same time something so intimate and personal, dramatic even.” The pandemic blurred the lines between work, home, school, and play, with unexpected outcomes in how we think, live, and connect.

In response, jewelry artists made work and galleries and museums organized exhibitions. We asked you to send in photos of those. You sent a deluge!

Click on the photos to learn about what they show.

This is Part 2. Part 1 is here. We will keep publish all the remaining photos over the coming weeks, but the response was so great that we’re splitting them into smaller sections that you can enjoy and digest more easily.


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