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AJF’s Board Expands to 17 Members

New Directors to Influence Nonprofit’s Direction


San Francisco, CA—Art Jewelry Forum is pleased to announce the addition of three new directors to our board of directors—Cindi Strauss, Sarah Turner, and John Rose.

AJF’s board of directors is composed of an international group of thinkers, creators, and appreciators of the field of art jewelry, who guide our organizational activities and keep our mission to advocate for art jewelry at the center of all that we do.

Cindi Strauss
Cindi Strauss

Cindi Strauss, the Sara and Bill Morgan Curator of Decorative Arts, Craft, and Design and Assistant Director, Programming at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, notes that supporting AJF has been a priority because she believes wholeheartedly in our mission to educate the public on contemporary jewelry and promote the artists and organizations associated with the field.

Personally, I derive so much from being a part of AJF’s community: The website serves as an active resource for my research and information on timely topics. I have met artists, collectors, critics, and gallerists through AJF who have enriched my perspective and become great colleagues and friends. Equally important to my work is the visual feast of international jewelry that AJF provides each month—where else can I see so much jewelry at any given time? AJF inspires and educates me, so helping it continue to thrive by giving my time as a board member is the least that I can do! —Cindi Strauss

Sarah Turner, an artist, educator, and proud resident of the Midwestern region of the United States, appreciates AJF’s keen focus on art jewelry and our attention to the wide range of subject matters that derive from it, especially as she works increasingly in interdisciplinary fields.

AJF is gathering ideas, producing writings, connecting people, and giving voice to our artworks, all while creating a substantial resource for the field. It’s rewarding for me to combine my experience in studio-based education with the expertise of AJF board members, staff, and supporters. And it’s a direct line to engaging with the studio work of a dynamic and growing group of international makers. —Sarah Turner

John Rose is a marketing expert and long-time advocate for the fields of jewelry and craft. John is deeply committed to the arts and brings his knowledge of contemporary jewelry and his expertise in communication to our board. He chooses to contribute to AJF because it is one of the world’s leading platforms in support of contemporary jewelry and design.

AJF is a unique voice and resource at the intersection of art, craft, and jewelry. As a maker, it is exhilarating to be in the flux of ideas, trends, and critical thought that drives our field. AJF provides a deeply fulfilling opportunity to give back to my community and engage with my contemporaries and peers while moving the world of art jewelry forward. —John Rose

Art Jewelry Forum welcomes the input and expertise that Cindi, Sarah, and John will bring to our organization. Find out more about Art Jewelry Forum and all 17 members of our board at this link and any time on AJF’s “About” page.

About AJF

Art Jewelry Forum is a nonprofit organization spreading awareness and increasing appreciation of art jewelry worldwide since 1997. AJF advocates for art jewelry through an ambitious agenda of education, conversation, and financial support. It commissions critical writing that sets the standard for excellence in the field and publishes, an online resource for original content on art jewelry.


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