Ingrid de Rio Campo

Born in Brazil in 1966, of Japanese and European descent, Ingrid de Rio Campo started drawing very early. She studied natural sciences at first before becoming an architect and urban planner. She settled in Paris in 1991. 

Captivated by design and crafts, de Rio Campo evolved from architecture to a more intimate and tactile scale: furniture, ceramics, drawings, and jewelry. She also has an interior design practice in Paris. In 2015 de Rio Campo designed a pendant made with a Danish amber gem from Ribe, Jutland. She then continued designing and making unique pieces and prototypes of jewelry. Her ecological consciousness led her to develop an eco-responsible wood and textile collection in 2021, using upcycled materials from the surpluses of the Parisian luxury and construction industry. 

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Collier Ingrid De Rio Campo

3 rue Roger Bissière
75020 Paris

+33 6 12 66 91 34




Artist’s statement: I started to create, craft, and sell artistic objects after having worked 30 years as an architect and urban planner in Paris, in collaboration with local authorities and Parisian offices. I also do interior design in Paris. It was the gemstones that attracted me at first. I then started to design jewelry. Then I discovered how jewelry is at our service: It gives us confidence and helps us to be ourselves. And this is a very old story. Jewelry connects us to nature, like totems, mystical and sacred objects of protection and connection with our ancestors and our history. I evolve between three scales of creation: jewelry (the body), artistic objects, and interior design (the space around the body). My creations are generous and geometrical. They have a certain vibration through their curved shapes. Nature is my main partner: It provides me the raw materials and the inspiration to enhance them. I will do all my possible to protect and take care of it. I’m particularly at the service of strong women who are also feminine at the same time. I do believe in the feminine power to transform our world and regenerate our planet.

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