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Sienna Patti
Sienna Patti
Lauren Fensterstock
Lauren Fensterstock, Installation at John Michael Kohler Art Center (detail), 2013, sculpture/installation, paper; 4.27 x 6.1 x 4.27 m, photo: John Michael Kohler Art Center
Sondra Sherman, Installation of Anthrophobia, SOFA Chicago, 2008, photo: Sienna Gallery
Lauren Kalman
Lauren Kalman, Spectacular, 2012, video/photograph, C-print on aluminum, 38.1 x 25.4 cm, photo by artist

Work with what you have now. Don’t wait until everything is lined up in a certain way. If you are a collector, educate yourself, ask your dealer questions, and listen. Buy work, and try to collect artists in depth. This not only supports their work, but it allows your collection to present larger ideas. Donate to museums while you AND the artists are alive so it can benefit their careers. Give your friends and family gift certificates to your favorite gallery along with a membership to AJF—tell them to use both! They will thank you, I promise.

Thank you.


  • Susan Cummins

    Susan Cummins has been involved in numerous ways in the visual arts world over the last 35 years, from working in a pottery studio, doing street fairs, running a retail shop called the Firework in Mill Valley and developing the Susan Cummins Gallery into a nationally recognized venue for regional art and contemporary art jewelry. Now she spends most of her time working with a private family foundation called Rotasa and as a board member of AJF and California College of the Arts.

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